Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Why You Need an Editor

I have the new book back from the editor for fine-tuning, and the good news is that I'm still on track for release day!

Each and every time I start a new book, I take a deep breath and ask myself how in the world I think I can do this, mold an idea, a concept, into a full-blown story that anybody would be interested in reading. What if it sucks? What if it falls flat? What if it doesn't resonate with ANYBODY? And then when I finish the writing process, I wonder where I found the right words to bring the story to life. It surprises me every time.

Many indie authors are highly-skilled proofreaders and grammarians. They may be good at catching their own mistakes, although it takes multiple reads to make sure you've found them all. An editor is beneficial to not only back up with that process (even traditional publishers expect you to hand them a "clean" manuscript), but also for the copyediting issues, the details that don't jive. The missing pieces. A professional editor also has a pulse on genre and market and how the manuscript fits the mold.

As I consider the suggestions, I realize there is one question I never answered for myself in this story. My readers will want to know! One of my common mistakes is forgetting to put information on the page. I assume the reader knows things or can read my mind. HAH! I know better.

In spite of numerous read-throughs, in spite of input from my very talented critique group, I once again left out some crucial details. Granted, the fixes are relatively easy, but without the editor to point them out, I'd be carrying on as if everyone knew exactly what I meant when I never told them what the heck was going on! She adds so much to the process, pointing out those things that get overlooked to make the story stronger.

My eternal gratitude to my very talented editor. And now I have to get busy and fill in the blanks.


  1. If you're serious about a career--any career--you invest in what it takes to put out a polished product. Looking forward to the release.