Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

A moment to brag - I took time off from the day job last week and actually made it through a workable first draft of the new book. Lots of holes to fill, details to add, chapters to finish, but thinking of it as a details outline, I'm pretty pleased with myself! Need a title, however. Calling it Matt's Book will only go so far. Matt the cheating paramedic (he had his reasons, and he didn't make excuses for his bad behavior) and Elizabeth, a woman touched by more than a little of trauma of her own. Cameos by Audrey, Sue, Cinda and Mary Ellen.

Which means now I have time to relax and enjoy the holidays just a little bit more, not driven by daily word counts and trying to balance work at the day job with work on the writing front, although both are still front and center.

So I'm going to make cookies! It's part of the holidays. It's part of what centers me and I don't allow myself the luxury very often anymore. Feel free to stop over at my Cookies link (top of the page) to see some of the recipes I love, some of the recipes that look yummy enough to try. And feel free to share your recipes with me! Always love new ideas.

And if you have any great ideas for a title for this book that I'm cleaning up, please share those, too. Trouble or Klutz don't seem like the best ideas, but maybe I can work with those as key words while I'm entertaining ideas.

Cookie of the day:  I'm going to make Chocolate Cherry Shortbread cookies. I made them last year for the first time and discovered DH loves shortbread. My ice cream loving husband actually has a favorite type of cookie! (and they're pretty darn good!)


  1. The cookies look yummy. Will have to see if there's a high-altitude adaptation (and I hope not, to save my ever-spreading bottom).

    Wish I could help with a title, but my working title is "Triple-D Ranch Series, book 2, which is hardly better than my typical alternative which would be "Cecily and Bryce"

    1. and that's why I don't bake so much anymore myself - that ever-spreading bottom.

      Good luck with your Triple-D title. I'd offer up Saving Grace, or maybe Saving Grady, but those probably don't convey an accurate depiction of your story.