Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Year in Review

It's always nice to look back at what I've accomplished over the year, much more heartening than resolutions that won't be/weren't kept. It's a "look what I've done!" instead of a "look what I didn't get to."

In 2015, I published two new novels. GATHERING MIST and RISING MIST to complete the trilogy, and put together a bundle of all three of the Mist books (in one handy-dandy package). I completed the first draft of the next book (another in the Northwest Suburbs series featuring Matt, the paramedic), so I have the first one for 2016 in the wings.

I met my Goodreads reading goal, in fact I DOUBLED it. A good mix of "new to me" authors, authors I know and love and reads by fellow authors I'm getting to know. I left reviews for most of those books (all authors need love!).

I caught up with old friends, renewed old acquaintances, am spending regularly scheduled time with my aging parents.

Tried new recipes to add to the dinner menu instead of the same old thing every week (even though DH LIKES the same old things).

Saw another part of the world. Seattle, Mount Ranier, Juneau, Alaska, Western Canada.

I'd like to count off my accomplishments at the day job, but those are often counterbalanced with bureaucratic red tape or "enhancements" that actually made the job more difficult. It has been a year of change there, but the positive spin is that we've survived yet another reorg, and while there are things to fix, I can be proud of my contributions.

2016 promises to be filled with more challenges, and isn't that what makes life interesting?

So here's to you and wishing you all a Happy New Year!

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