Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Being Sick in Fiction

Guess who promises to get a flu shot next year? And not only did I get it, I shared.

We all know men are babies and women are troopers (how's that for a broad, sweeping generalization?) In my house, my DH is very attentive. "Can I get you anything?" "Do you need anything?" and in turn, he is not one of those big babies generally speaking. My DH is a caveman when he gets sick. He goes to his bed and doesn't come out until he's better. This can be alarming considering he doesn't answer the phone, doesn't speak. But it beats him whining and having me wait hand and foot. Not that I don't get that opportunity also. Today, for instance, as he's on the mend, I'm working feverishly at the day job (we're on deadline, in case I forgot to mention it), and suddenly he needs things. A glass of something cold to drink. Breakfast. Jello. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to take care of him, but for a man who usually refuses to allow any assistance of any kind, his timing is a bit off. Now when he wants something, so does everyone else and now I'm juggling to keep up! (am I whining? Stop that right now!)

Does it bother you to read about sick people in novels? I've read a couple of stories lately where the heroine was ill and the hero, great guy that he is, stood by her, held her hair back while she tossed her cookies, and generally hung around to make sure she lived through it. In the one story, the heroine had bad sushi and got food poisoning. In the other, she was seasick. It rather endeared the hero to me that he would take care of the heroine, but I'm seeing a trend that I really don't need to see. On the other hand, it does bring to mind the differences in how men and women react to getting sick. Does it create a better characterization for you to see how caring/thoughtful characters can be? Or is that one level of characterization you can do without?

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Back to my deadline ....


  1. I had my first flu shot since the swine flu this year. However, I haven't had the flu, either, but my doctor said I'm of an age where I need to get the shot.

    As for characters, I like when the characters take care of each other, be it hero to heroine or vice versa. I just hope that there's not a new sub-genre in the works!

  2. I suppose it expands on the "rescue me" thread in a more modern-day approach.