Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Gotta Write

Anyone ever see Singing in the Rain? (there's your earworm for the day).

I am seldom without direction as a writer. Stories pop into my head all the time, inspiration from the most inane things.

Because of the stresses of my day job, and because of the additional personal stressors this year, I chose to set the writing aside until after deadline season. We have to chose our battles, and while writing generally relieves some of that stress for me, there were just too many other things on my plate.

This week is the second of the three major deadlines, and the most demanding of them. While we have one more big push, these past couple of months without something new to write have made me antsy. The new release shows up in stores on Monday, and I'm VERY excited about that. I had so much fun writing COOKIE THERAPY... so much so that now I'm wondering if I continue with Hoffman Grove, or one of my friends suggested I write another of the Mist books - there's a redhead convention coming to Chicago this year which might make for a fun perspective.

Or do I start a new series?

Whenever I finish a book, I tend to fall back to EPITAPH, which I still haven't been able to get quite right. I finally gave up on that one when I started COOKIE THERAPY, figuring I'm never going to get it right. I've been toying with starting that one over from scratch instead of trying to "fix" it. I still like the premise, but I think it was the heroine that didn't agree with me.

So the ideas abound, and I'm hoping to dig into something next week, after we get past the end of this month and THIS deadline. I've even toyed with moving into a new genre, but I often feel the stories write themselves, so not sure how in control of that I truly am.

Any suggestions for what you'd like to read next from me?

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