Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sisterly Love

I'm finally reading Kristan Higgins' book IF YOU ONLY KNEW, which I got for Christmas. It's a touching display of sisterly love and struggles (I'm only halfway, so not ready to provide a review, although I love her writing).

The timing is perfect, as I'd like to take this opportunity to share some love with my sisters. There are four of us, and as much as we may have fought or hated each other growing up (as siblings will), I am eternally grateful to have them in my life as an adult. Having grown up together, we know more about each other than anyone else ever will, and those bonds pull tight whenever one of us needs support. We're there for each other, even when we're miles apart.

I'm using this very public forum to especially thank two of my sisters, who have done so much during a very difficult time for all of us, taking time out of their days, time off of work, away from busy schedules. It helps so much to be able to share the burden, and they are shouldering the lion's share. My sister "miles away" provides knowledge and expertise, which helps even when she can't be close.

I am thankful for my family. Love you all.

Thank you for indulging me today.

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