Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Break on Through to the Other Side

Hooray! This week is the last major deadline at the day job. Can't wait to break through to the other side of work/life balance. Another week of administrative loose ends, and then I can get back to MY life.

It feels like the last day of school and the doors are flung open to a bright, beautiful day. When I was a kid, that meant more time on the tennis courts. Evenings on the softball field. Cubs games in the Big City (I can say that this year, they're GOOD this year!). Hot days spent at the swimming pool. And for the rainy days, nerdy girls like me spent extra time at the typewriter/computer making up stories, giving vent to an overactive imagination.

As a grown up, it means more date nights with friends. Holiday time with the DH. Long walks on warm summer nights. Concerts in the park. And I'm still a nerdy girl. More time to make up stories.

What kinds of things did you do when school let out for the summer? Anything that carries through to your grown-up self?

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