Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dates Gone Bad

The first thing that came to mind when I typed the title for my post today was Indiana Jones. "Bad dates." (That's the way my mind rolls.)

What I actually intended was to describe the other kind of dates. Between men and women. But I figured the title amused me, so I left it. (Easily amused some days, even if I'm the only one who's entertained.)

In my current work in progress, I'm writing the first date for a girl who has a long line of first dates--and no second dates. It got me to thinking about first dates with bad impressions. Those dates are the fodder for numerous movie plots, and in real life, do we actually know when we've made a bad impression? Sometimes, for sure, other times?

I have a wealth of "not good" first date experience to draw from. There was the guy who wanted to meet at a fast food place, made me buy my own food, and then left as soon as we'd finished eating. There was the guy who talked about his two-times ex wife, and about how they couldn't seem to move on. If he wasn't so frustrated with her, he'd still be married to her. .

I'm glad those days are behind me!

Do you have any first date stories to share? Who knows! Maybe one of them will be backstory for my beleaguered heroine! You know, that one guy (or gal) who ....


  1. I was 'dating' in the 60s, which means I don't remember any of them. Although there was one guy who asked me to dinner, and I told him I wasn't going to go to bed with him, so he said, "Never mind, then."

    1. LOL - see. there's always that one... You never forget!

    2. Except I have no recollection who he was other than one of the Greek guys who frequented a folk dance cafe where I worked.