Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Where in the world... ?

Chicago spring fling
Book Signing Information

This weekend, I'll be attending the Chicago Spring Fling Writer's Conference. These ladies always put on a great conference. Looking forward to reconnecting with people I know and making new friends. At past conferences, I met some of my favorite authors and was introduced to new favorite authors. The conference also provides informative workshops. It's an energizing weekend at a time when I need to be energized! SO looking forward to it.

If you're in the Chicago/Schaumburg area, the book signing is in Schaumburg, at the Hyatt, on Saturday from 3-5 (click on the link beneath the picture for additional information). They always have dozens of excellent authors, and this year's headliners are Courtney Milan, Robyn Carr and Christina Lauren. There's a long list of many more of my favorites (including moi) - just had a fan girl moment as I was looking it over!

I'm meeting with a new publisher at the conference, and will be pitching my new series to her (wish me luck). In preparation, I've been revisiting everything I know about writing a query letter and a synopsis. Can I just say those two things are among the very hardest parts of writing a book?

When I get back next week, I'll fill you in on the research I've been doing. Although I started this same research years ago, there was one last component that I hadn't gotten around to, and now that I'm wrapping this one up, I'm making the rounds and verifying my information, and its fascinating!

In the meantime, pop over to the book signing if you can. Pick up some summer reading materials (I know I will be) and make sure you say hello!

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  1. Have fun. A little too far away for me, but it looks like a great lineup. I've met both Robyn and Courtney, and they're super nice people.