Wednesday, December 7, 2016

It's that time of year ...

Yes, it's closing in on Christmas. Yes, I've loaded up my listening devices with Christmas music (I change the playlists after), and yes, I've been watching Christmas movies. I know, I'm annoying. A lot of this is facilitated by the fact that I've been ill, so I've been holed up with nothing else to do. You know how it goes. Winter breeds germs, family gatherings mean sharing them (no worries, I'm nearly better, now). I have yet to bring out the decorations.

One of the things that has been amazing me this year is that my dear husband has been giving me complete control over the remote. The man who HATES Christmas movies (and we've seen some lulus). I keep asking him if he's okay, or if he thinks I'm dying, or why he's watching this drivel with me. The man who, when the family plays Christmas trivia and I know all the answers asks, "Why do you know that?" (not "how" mind you, but "why"). So yes, I've been taking the opportunity to see "new" movies, but the quality has dropped so low, that I can hardly watch them, let alone subject the saint of a man who suffers through them beside me.

Or maybe it's because he doesn't want to watch my old standbys. I have a collection of DVDs that are "my favorites" that I've seen a million times (only a slight exaggeration). He's not one to watch a movie a second time. "I've already seen it." Which brings me to the question du jour. Do you have a favorite Christmas movie?

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