Saturday, December 31, 2016

My Favorite Books of 2016

I only completed 78 percent of my Goodreads reading goal this year - there were a lot of unexpected interruptions in my regularly scheduled life. I shot for close to one book a week and didn't quite make it. However, for the books that I did read, I wanted to share with you my definition of "The Cream of the Crop."

I'm ranking these based on when I finished them, and on the basis that I gave each of them 5 stars at Goodreads. I give books 5 stars if I would happily read each of these books a second time. There were many excellent books that didn't get 5 stars, which doesn't mean they aren't worthy of the list, but there has to be a line of demarcation. You can find out more about the books I read at My Goodreads Review Page. So now, for your consideration, the books I most enjoyed in 2016:

Accidentally on Purpose - Jill Shalvis*
Doubtful Relations - James M. Jackson
Any Duchess Will Do - Tessa Dare
Anything for You - Kristan Higgins
Reckoning and Ruin - Tina Whittle
How to Capture a Duke - Bianca Blythe
Nobody but You - Jill Shalvis*
Sweet Little Lies - Jill Shalvis*
My Kind of Wonderful - Jill Shalvis*
The Duchess Wars - Courtney Milan

*(I should probably note that I'm an ARC reader for Jill Shalvis, so I might be slightly biased there - although I have NOT rated all of her books 5 stars)

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  1. I've only read two on your list, and I would put Reckoning and Ruin on my 'best of' list as well. The Duchess Wars was an OK, 4 star book for me. Doubtful Relations is on my WTR list, but not until I can get it for my Nook.