Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Writing problem of the day

I've been working on EPITAPH 3, and I'll admit to struggling with the ghost part in this one. I knew what/who the ghost was and his part in the story, but I was missing pieces of how he was doing the haunting.

When I was very young, I remember watching a movie on television with my older sisters, and as part of my research, I wanted to go back and find that movie. Ultimately, it is the inspiration for this book. Guess what? I can't find it anywhere! I have no idea what the title was, no idea who was in it. I only remember the plot, and as it was so many years ago, even that is a little fuzzy. The movie was about a ghost in a mirror, and for years after (and even to this day to a certain degree) I won't look into a mirror when I walk past it at night. If anyone knows anything about my very vague description of said movie, let me know. I'd still like to track it down.

In the meantime, I tapped one of my very dear friends, who has a brilliantly creative mind, and told her I was thinking in three directions and asked her to help me brainstorm. Asked for her opinion--or a fourth direction. She never lets me down. (Thanks, Jen!) She voted for door #1, with a couple of suggestions.

I've given final approval to EPITAPH, and if you pre-order, it will wing its way to your e-reader on January 10 so you don't have to remember then. (you can find the links to pre-order here). I'm working on edits for EPITAPH 2, and then I can get back to my ghost in the mirror in EPITAPH 3. Doing lots of figurative juggling with these books, but since they all work together (even though they are all stand-alone stories), I think I'm keeping track of all those balls in the air. So far...


  1. Can't help with the movie - I assume you've done the Google thing.

    Congrats on getting Epitaph finalized!

    1. Yes, I went through Google and IMDB and did find an interesting series episode with William Shattner and Russell Johnson about a ghost in a mirror (not one I remembered) that becomes more of a psychological thriller. It was fun to watch, but not what I was looking for.