Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Where should I take my vacation?

It's busy season at the day job - and that means I'm planning my escape for when its over. But where to go?

As DH and I were relaxing in front of the television, unwinding, I asked him "don't you ever get tired of watching television?" That's his favored method of relaxation, but me, not so much. You see, I'd just finished EPITAPH 2: THE TWINS and released it into the world (Release date is April 4), so I was restless, excited to do SOMETHING. Turns out he wasn't really watching either (Kindle in hand), and so I invited him to help me plan our escape.

So many destinations, so difficult to decide. Among the front runners, another cruise (he loves cruises), New Orleans, Montreal, Scotland--but I'm one of those people who, when given too many choices, throws her hands up. The more choices, the harder it is to decide. But then, something will click and I'll say, "There! I want to go There!"

How do you decide where to go on vacation? Have you been somewhere that you'd recommend?


  1. Most of our married life, "vacations" centered around the Hubster's business trips. I think it was our 30th anniversary before we simply up and went on a cruise. Even now, our getaways tend to be related to something work related, like our week on a cattle ranch to research a book. Then again, when we retired, we moved to a place we think of as a permanent vacation.

    1. That's the way to do it, find out where your heart lies and stay there.