Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I saw the sign

There are always moments when writing that you wonder if you should abandon the current work in progress, and then the cosmos steps in to give you a nudge. The next project in my EPITAPH series is called "Man in the Mirror." If you've been following along, you know the titles refer to the "ghost" part of the story. I've had several interruptions to my writing process this spring, between the day job and traveling and personal "stuff," and have questioned myself several times as to whether I'm writing "so much nonsense."

Recently, while touring "Laura," a Creole plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana, the first room you step into has a mirror over the fireplace. The guide stops to tell you about Laura, the woman the plantation is named for, and then she turns a switch and a portrait materializes in the mirror. Kind of spooky! Some of the tourists gasped at the eerie appearance. Me? My sign from the cosmos.

Still writing! A tad behind schedule, but the Man in the Mirror will get done!

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