Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My Love/Hate Affair with Facebook

Last weekend I had a reunion with some of my old classmates. What a fun time! We were a small class and most of us were together for nine years (some of us less), but back in the olden days, we stuck together like family. We talked about silly things like when we all went to dance classes! I don't think that was a school-sponsored activity, and yet somehow we all ended up there. (Can you even find dance classes for middle graders these days?) After all these years, many of us had lost touch, and yet, through the magic of Facebook, we were reunited. In spite of this, I wasn't thanking Facebook for reconnecting us, but rather ties that still run deep in the old hometown and friendships that, while perhaps neglected for a number of years, waited to be rekindled. It was such a fun evening.

While still smiling from seeing the faces and enjoying the conversations, I came home the next day and found a message on Facebook from yet another friend who I have missed through the years, someone I had lost touch with during the "raising kids" years and "life gets away from you" times.

As one of my school friends and I discussed, no one ever told us that after a certain age we'd get our lives back, and that those things we might have not made time for or relationships that we didn't take care of are still waiting for us. Life's short.

And so as often as I rant about how much I hate Facebook and the way it intrudes on your privacy or various other complaints which I won't share with you today, I'm grateful that we have a vehicle that brings people back together when they've been lost.

And because I'm in such a good mood and full of happiness and joy and love (quit rolling your eyes at me), I'd like to celebrate my birthday with you (which was also this week!). For a limited time, I'm offering the Gathering Mist e-book for the low-low price of just $0.99! That's right, just $0.99. Make my day. Pick up a copy today and leave me a review to tell me how much you loved/hated it! click on the links to the right, or find it at your favorite bookseller.

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