Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Indulging Oneself

I saw a fun post recently that bears repeating. The Muse posted 10 ways to pamper yourself (and you can read that here). Not sure "Whiten your teeth" ranks up there on ways to pamper myself, but it did make me stop to consider those things that we should do for ourselves and often don't.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, this is a hectic time of year for me. Having passed the first of three major deadlines, I DO stop to consider ways to indulge myself as a way of saying "good job, well done." So here are a couple of things I'd add to the list from The Muse.

11. Go to the salon
... or to a spa. Get a mani or a pedi, as is your preference, or both! Even if you don't need a cut, let the stylist wash and style your hair. Nothing like a nice head massage or, for that matter, a body massage.

12. Call your best friend
When is the last time you spent an hour on the phone just chatting with someone you love to talk to? Invite them to dinner if you don't want to talk on the phone. Spend time catching up with someone near and dear to you.

13. Star gaze
Weather permitting (and the climate has certainly given us a mild winter where I live), go outside after the sun has set, or when the sun is setting and take in the wonder of the spectrum of colors only nature provides. Then check the indigo blanket for the twinkling of stars and planets. Like when you were a kid--did you lie on your back and watch the sky for hours?

14. Visit the bakery
I don't bake very much anymore, mostly because I have a habit of eating those things that I bake. A trip to the bakery gives you portion control! Get a donut, buy a cookie, have a piece of cake or a slice of pie. Or, if you don't want to indulge, window shop and smell...

15. Take a walk
Exercise is good for the soul! Look for things you haven't noticed before. Maybe, like me, you'll discover two conjoined trees or critters in the wild. Last fall I took pictures of the leaves on the sidewalk--a kaleidoscope of colors under my feet! If the weather isn't cooperative, go to your favorite mall or store and window shop.

What are your favorite things to do when you want to treat yourself?

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