Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Read an E-Book Week

When the technology was new, my sister beat me to the punch. She got a Kindle and told me if I got one to let her know, she'd include me on her account and we could share books. Of course, my dear husband didn't know about her offer (not that I would have shared an account with her anyway) and bought me one for Christmas. He's that kind of guy, always wanting me to have the latest tech gadgets. Me? I tend to drag my feet. I'm often behind the trends.

When I got my Kindle, I still wasn't sure I was going to like reading a book without holding the pages in my hand. As a test run, I downloaded the classics, largely because they were free, but also because I happen to like some of them and wanted to read others I hadn't yet read. It didn't take long before I started buying e-books. As much as I love reading a "flesh and blood" book, when I'm traveling, you can't beat the convenience of e-books. I could load up my Kindle and it was the equivalent of taking a suitcase full of books.

This week is "Read an e-Book week." Did you know you can even borrow e-books from the library? (and yes, I have.)

This week, +Smashwords is running their annual coupon week, where you can pick from a list of books offered from authors at a discount using the coupon codes found along with the books' descriptions. I'm offering EPITAPH, COOKIE THERAPY and THE MIST TRILOGY at a discount, so feel free to pop over and get one or all of them for half off, this week only.

What was the first e-book you read?


  1. My first published works were with e-first publishers, so I've been reading digitally since before the Kindle was invented. I still have my old eBookWise, although it's no longer functioning. What I can't tolerate is people who think only print books are "real." It's the STORY, people!

    1. I remember talking to someone pre-ebook about a way to revolutionize reading. I thought he had a good concept, but I couldn't envision it. That was 15 years ago, when I first released Touched by the Sun (The Treasure of St. Paul). We've come a long way, baby!