Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It's Christmas Cookie Time

I have a page on this blog dedicated to some of my favorite recipes, and more that I've scrounged on Pinterest. Why? Because I'm a cookie-holic. It's a trait handed down through the family.

Every year, my sister hosts a cookie baking party, which I have snobbishly snubbed several times in favor of my own private baking party with my kids. This year, however, my nest is empty and the kids are more difficult to round up, so the prodigal sister is joining in the fun.

My signature Christmas cookie is the pinwheel. It requires a lot of work, but they're pretty on the plate, and they taste out of this world. They lend themselves to several variations, including sprinkles on the edges, or a mint layer, but I tend to stick to the standard chocolate and vanilla. We also make tassies (mini pecan pies), toffee bars, the essential cut-out cookies and/or spritz cookies (which keep the next generation of little ones busy). I've recently (!) discovered that my DH loves shortbread. Now, I knew he liked the pecan fingers (which are shortbread in nature), but since I'm not a nut aficionado, I tend to shy away from those, although I make a token batch just for him. This year, I'm trying another shortbread recipe that looks pretty and festive. Maybe I'll throw some pecans in for him.

I'm cutting back on the cookies this year, mainly because of my inability NOT to eat them (and I need to pay attention to my weight), but cookie baking is part of the holidays--a longstanding tradition that I won't soon part with.

Do you have a favorite holiday cookie? I'd love to hear what you make, and if you don't have a favorite cookie, check out my Pinterest cookie page for some fun ideas, or my Pinterest Christmas page!

Don't forget - in case you haven't already read Touched by the Sun or Intimate Distance, both books are still $0.99! My Christmas present to you.

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