Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Why Authors Write

I've been feeling sad after finishing my last series. There I've said it. Or maybe it's fear of starting over. While I have a new story to write, a new direction, leaving old friends behind (the McCormicks and the Bensons) is sort of like going away to college. It isn't like I'll never see them again, is it?

But we all move on. Life moves on. There are new stories to be told. As an author, I begin to question if I have another story in me. The answer is always yes, and has been since I was something like five years old. The harder answer is will I write it?


Why, you may ask? Because that's what authors do. These people live inside my head and they want out. Even when I'm struggling for the story, there's something exhilarating about creating something new. For musicians, it's a new song. For artists, it's a new painting or sculpture. For authors, it's a new story. Even when the ideas start out slow, even when you're still looking over your shoulder at the characters you leave behind, something ignites the fire inside of you and you can't wait to make new friends, learn new things.

The struggle part is often what makes the story that much more interesting. Reaching outside my comfort zone. Learning new things. Discovering those hidden traits inside my characters that they didn't know they possessed. Today's discovery? Making bath salts. Silly, huh? But it's something that has my character excited. She gets to spend time building a relationship and learning a new skill, and as the author learning along with her, I'm having just as much fun. Of course not everything is fun and games. Watch out for the conflict {duh, duh, duh!} But right now, I'm having a ball with the simple stuff, and trust me when I tell you this character has had their share of conflict! She deserves a simple pleasure to ease her mind.

So why do authors write? Because we have a story to tell. A word picture to share. A world to create and invite you into. Because it's in our DNA, and not writing isn't an option, even when we sometimes think we don't have one more word left.


  1. Sometimes discovering the little things is more fun than the story.

    1. True enough. Or discovering that missing piece that ties everything together.

  2. Thank you for sharing your stories and never let the fire go out.