Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Hotter Than Billy Blue Blazes

This has been an interesting year, from temperatures that dipped well below the freezing mark, to triple digit heat waves. Maybe I need to move to Santa Barbara, where the temps don't vary much from season to season.

I do enjoy the changing seasons. When you're freezing in the winter, you appreciate that in a couple of months you'll be hot. When the earth comes back to life in the Spring with brilliant shades of green and a spectrum of colors with flowering buds, you remember that in a couple of months everything will change colors, to flaming reds and golden yellows as leaves die and fall to the ground.

So now, while we are in those "hotter than billy blue blazes" days of summer, I'm hiding in the comfort of my air conditioned space writing, where I can breathe without gasping. Outside time is limited to early morning or late evening when the weather isn't quite so threatening.

Last weekend we took a trip up to visit One Young Son and his Lovely Bride and what do you know? We walked a nature trail in the summer heat. I'm not one to miss out on an adventure, no matter what the weather. Even though we chose the shaded trail, it was still hot. Folks waded in the stream and sat beside the small waterfall to cool off (You can see the waterfall here).

We have friends coming for a visit next month, and we have lots of outside adventures scheduled. Here's hoping the weather cooperates, but if it doesn't, well, I'm not one to miss out on an adventure (and I certainly don't want to disappoint my friends, either!).

How does the weather affect your plans? Or does it?


  1. When we lived in Florida, I avoided going outside. Period. (Okay, some days in February were nice.) Now that we're in the mountains with very little humidity, I get outside a whole lot more. I feel "housebound" fewer days for snow than I did for the Florida heat.

    1. My favorite time of year is the spring - I like to get out around the neighborhood when the weather permits, and winter makes that much more difficult where I live.