Wednesday, June 17, 2020

How are we all doing?

I read the news. I watch the news. I try to do my part to make this world a better place. But some days? Some days it's all too hard. The conspiracy theories are out there all over the place, no matter what side of the fence you're on, no matter what you believe. I don't want to go on into a political discourse, because as I've mentioned previously on this blog, there is no middle ground anymore. Politics has become a competition of win/lose instead of a discourse to find the middle ground, and that makes me crazy. We can't all be right, but we are now put in a position where we are all wrong.

For the past several months, I've found an escape either writing or reading, and I hope I can provide some of you with a respite from the world, too.

Raise a glass with me, I've finished THE HIDDEN GRIMOIRE (Hillendale 3) and sent it off for critical evaluation, which means you will have a new book to read soon (assuming things don't fall apart in the meantime). I've also approved THE TWINS (Epitaph 2) in audiobook format, narrated once again by Jane Oppenheimer (EPITAPH), and am waiting for the outlets to put it up for sale. You can look for a newsletter in your inbox when everything's a "go" if you're signed up (if you're not, look for the newsletter link in the menu!)

Which brings me to "what's the next project?" This is where I ask everyone "How are we all doing?" Because this world we live in right now today is taking its toll. I have been getting "Out and About" (you can see what I see on my Instagram and Facebook pages) to find the good in the world, but my worldview is much more limited. I suppose that means I can find inspiration in my own back yard, and in this day and age, that might be the right "next book" to write. Can I escape out my own back door? May I invite you along for the ride?

I'm struggling. I suspect a lot of you are, too. We're in this together, and I'll do my best to keep you entertained until we figure out how the apocalyptic novel we're currently living ends.


  1. I agree we need entertainment these days. I recently read a book (for my book club) that was published a few months ago, which meant it was written well over a year ago. Excellent writing ... but ... It was a dual timeline, one written by a young freed slave about 10 years after the Civil War, and the other in 1987, about a new teacher in southern Louisiana in a small town filled with poverty and prejudice. A painful read, one I'd have put down if not for book club.

    1. Yeah, some topics are more sensitive, especially while while tensions run high. Time and distance, and sometimes even that isn’t enough.