Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The paperback is how much!?!?!

I was checking my books at Amazon the other day, updating some of the information, when something jumped out at me. The cost of a paperback of COOKIE THERAPY was $2,000+ That's not right! When I first opened the link to the selling page, the OEM price wasn't even listed. It only showed me the crazy, expensive options. 

The paperback sells for $9.99

What the heck? So I glanced at a couple other books. $809?? Again I say, What the heck?

Now, I know this information is wrong, but I also know that Amazon frequently shows after-market products. As an author, it's terrifying to think that someone looking for a paperback of one of my books thinks they have to pay a thousand dollars for one. It's hard enough to reach an audience when you're competitively priced. When these gougers show up on a search page, I want to ask Amazon how they think that's a good way to sell product.

So, public service announcement. Please know that for those of my books that are available in paperback, they are all under $15. If you can't find them, drop me a line. You can also buy them directly from me by filling out this form.

And as the Bartles & James guys used to say, thank you for your support.


  1. I've seen that for some of mine, too. I guess they figure if they sell one, they've got it made. I'm curious, though. Do you even have MMPB formats for your paperbacks? Since I create mine via Amazon, that size isn't even offered.

    1. MMPB can be either 5x8 or 6x9, my books are mostly 5x8 but some are 6x9, so certainly they qualify.

    2. Not by the definitions I've seen. Mass market books (the kind of paperback books you might see in the grocery store or airport) are a standard trim size of 4.25 x 6.87”, while trade paperbacks (the kind you'd typically find in a bookstore) can range from 5 x 8” to 8 x 10”.
      Plus, usually the paper quality in a MMBP isn't as "good" as in a trade. KDP prints trade paperbacks.