Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Spring Cleaning

It's that time of year again.

Both my kids are "expecting" this year. In my closets, I have STUFF that I saved from when they were babies, thinking maybe they'd like to share it with their babies, but I'm not sure the next generation is as sentimental as I am. With that being said, I'm taking along a box of things that they can use or not use - including MY baby blanket from when I was a baby. 

I also came across letters from an old pen pal. The girl I corresponded with for four years during high school invited me to visit her in the south of France. I didn't go, but the funny part of that is that my parents encouraged me to go (there were other underlying reasons why I chose not to go, not the least of which was a grave misunderstanding, but I digress). I think back on that now, and consider how trusting a world we lived in, where my parents would send me thousands of miles, across an ocean, to visit someone they/I'd never met. Fast forward a whole bunch of years and I actually did get to visit the region she invited me to visit. I looked her up through the magic of Facebook, but didn't get a response when I sent her a DM. 

And then there are other sentimental things. Poems I wrote in high school. My treasure box from when I was a kid. High school yearbooks. GRADE SCHOOL yearbooks. I managed to let go of some of the old correspondence I'd kept, but am still struggling with others. Tips to a healthy life include letting go of the past, but how does that apply to nostalgia? When a card from one of your first boyfriends says he loves every "microsecond we spend together" do you hold onto that? I suppose it's time to...

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  1. One of my cousins is the self-appointed family historian. He recently sent our son a big envelope of memorabilia, including our son's birth announcement. The puzzle was how it came to be postmarked two days BEFORE our son was born.

    1. Psychic? That would be an interesting bit of memorabilia to hold onto. When my sister passed, my nephew sent me photos of some of the things she saved, including the listing for the first house I bought!