Wednesday, April 21, 2021

I'm a Subscriber 🎜🎝 (wait, that isn't how the song goes...)

Last week I got a notice that the subscription service that goes with my blog is going away. Or updating. Or I'm not exactly sure what. You know, the one where you sign up and it emails you that I have a new post? So I tested the sign-up widget and it threw me an error. Brilliant.

Instead of writing the next Hillendale book, which I have been working on, I spent most of my day chasing down options. For those of you who subscribe, the email you got this week will look just slightly different, but assuming I did everything right, it should still notify you in a similar fashion. For those of you who have tried to subscribe and couldn't (because I'm not sure what's up with the old service or when it decided it wasn't going to work anymore), there's a new option to do so in the right sidebar now. 

In updating to the new service, I had to learn "new stuff." Generally speaking, I like learning new things. I'm a closet techy, which means I like simple programming. I'm MOS certified for Access (not sure if that even means anything anymore). I used to write the HTML for my webpage years ago. I had a friend who helped me learn SQL for another application I helped design. The downside is that because I don't do that every day, I spend twice as much time figuring things out as I used to when I did it on a more regular basis. Now, my website is built with building blocks and templates. Much easier and faster. I don't have to worry about mis-typing a code or missing a closing command. 

And now that I've fixed the broken widget (or at least I hope I have!), I need to get back to writing. Anyone else looking forward to the next in the Hillendale series? Did you love the other ones? (Don't forget to leave a review. This author thrives on positive reinforcement!) 😁

"Definitely my favorite... Characters were well drawn." - Amazon review of INTERRUPTED MAGIC


  1. I am a non-techie. I can learn basic tasks if I absolutely need to, but long ago, I figured it was worth having a professional design my website, which has my blog folded it. For me, it's kind of like paying someone to do my taxes. If something goes wrong, I just let them know and they take care of it. Someone said something at a conference, and I took it to heart. "Do what you're good at; do what you love; hire out the rest"

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Terry, and agreed. My dad also taught me not to pay for something I could do myself, although I know when to call in reinforcements.