Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Happy Halloween (Books that go bump in the night)

I was that kid who scared her babysitters. They'd come over on Saturday night and I'd ask to watch Creature Features. I loved Dracula, and all the scary movies. Vincent Price, anyone? My babysitters did not appreciate my taste in television. Me? I wasn't so scared.

Bela Lugosi as Dracula

Fast forward about 10 years. A date took me to see Halloween at the movies. Good scary movie. Especially when, after the movie, we went to pick up his sister from work. "I'll go see if she's ready," he says to me (while creeping around the car and then jumping out at me on My side with a resounding BOO). Yes, I jumped. Yes, I was scared.

I also loved reading Stephen King novels. I might have started with The Shining, although I can't say for sure. 'Salems Lot, The Stand, Dreamcatcher, The Dead Zone. My son evidently inherited my appreciation for Stephen King. He's read more of the novels than I have.

After watching the movie, The Haunting, I was compelled to read the story, The Haunting of Hill House. Loved them both.

But the one book that actually did creep me out? The Amityville Horror. I couldn't be in the same room with that book when I finished it.

I've watched Night Gallery, One Step Beyond, Outer Limits--all of those scary shows--and rarely got scared. Except for that one time while I was babysitting...

What scary books stick with you?


  1. Don't like scary books. Haven't read any of the ones you've mentioned. I did watch some Night Gallery and Outer Limits, though, although Twilight Zone was my favorite.

    1. I’ve lost my love for the scary stuff as I’ve gotten older, but I do like to revisit the old favorites