Wednesday, November 13, 2019


I'm finalizing my next release, which should be available in January, and I'm working on the second book in the new series. As I was writing today, I took a "breather" and found a picture that relates to the new book (I quoted the song title, because the one character has a tendency to sing Beatles songs). What are the odds of stumbling across this song today after writing my character thinking about it? Serendipity, I tell ya!

Maybe, just maybe, it's the world telling me to soldier on. Keep writing, even when life throws heart-twisting moments at me.

Do you ever run across seemingly random things that make you stop to evaluate how random they really are?


  1. I find it happens a lot with words. See, hear a new word, and then it pops up again and again. I looked it up once, and it's a real thing: the "Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon" or "frequency illusion"

    1. Like when you buy a new car and suddenly you notice all that type (and color) of car on the road ;-)

    2. Yep - happened when I bought my orange FIT