Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Happy Valentines Day

I'm a romance author. I believe in happily ever after. When people tell me how they met their spouses, I listen with rapt attention. If we don't have love, what's left? This is a question I'm hearing with increasing frequency, and not just as pertains to romance.

Most of us have had "practice" relationships, people we thought we loved but didn't. Some of us have "the one that got away." And some of us found the loves of our lives the first time out of the gate (I'm looking at you, Scott and Kathy.) 

In the course of research, I follow a "love guru" by the name of Matthew Hussey, and I have to tell you, he has some spot-on advice. In hindsight, I wish I'd run across him years ago, but we all have our own lessons to learn. While I didn't always make the best decisions, I wouldn't change any of them.

Well, maybe one.

So as we approach this "Hallmark holiday," and maybe it is just a made up thing, but if you think of it as "Happy I Love You Day" instead of "Valentines Day," then maybe it won't seem so commercial. Then again, Happy I Love You Day doesn't have to be restricted to February 14. I know I've celebrated more than one of those days every year. On this February 14, share the love. It doesn't have to be romantic love. Instead of pointing fingers and calling people names, set your differences aside and look for commonalities. We weren't always this divided as a country. Once upon a time, we exercised human kindness with one another. Let's see if we can do that again, starting with Valentines Day. And then maybe the day after that, and one more day, until it becomes a habit again.


  1. Good, timely advice, Karla. As someone who's been together with the same guy for over 50 years, pausing to say "I love you" makes a difference.