Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Life is frittered away by detail

I remember a Shirley MacLaine movie where every man she married died a tragic death and left her lots of money. She started looking for poor men in hopes they wouldn't die. It's the first time I became acquainted with Walden Pond.

At the beginning of every year, I evaluate what my goals for the year are. It's more of a wish list, but it helps give me direction. What do I hope to accomplish? How do I plan to achieve those goals? What's the end game?

This year, my plan is for simplicity. Do what moves me.

I'm expecting to release Epitaph 2: The Twins as an audiobook this spring. I began a new series with my release of FAMILY ALCHEMY in January, along the lines of Practical Magic, Karla Style. In anticipation of continuing that series, I finished Book 2 this week (or at least the first draft of book 2). Moving on to the hard part now, filling in the blanks, fixing the mistakes, stuff like that. Overall, I'm pleased with the way it looks, and hope to be sharing it with readers late Spring.

And then what?

I'm seldom without a story running around inside my head. At this point of writing a book, I'm usually already looking ahead to the next one, but for right now, I'm taking a breath while I decide if I should move on to Book 3 in the Hillendale series or take a break from the alchemists and write a romance. I'll be honest, I miss my happily ever afters, the sigh-worthy heroes and misguided heroines. As Spring approaches, is love in the air?

Stay tuned.

Feel free to share your opinions. Inspiration often comes in the form of a kind word.


  1. From a practical standpoint, write the third in your Hillendale series. But you have to love what you're doing, and if it's a romance that's calling you, write one. Or maybe the third Hillendale book can be a romance.

    1. That’s certainly under consideration. Thanks, Terry.