Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Feeling a bit whimsical this week. 

We haven't had a lot of snow here this winter, and in a "usual" year, we would have had several noteworthy storms by now. I've been watching people posting pictures of snow people - my sister, my granddaughters, The Big Guy's nephew and his family. And let's not forget the ones I've seen out and about the neighborhood.

Around Christmas time, when I was feeling melancholy, I'd suggested to the Big Guy that if we get one of those gentle snowfalls at night, one that is going to dump more than an inch, we should go out walking in it. Something peaceful and romantic, because let's face it, there are fewer things in life as peaceful as a snowfall. Granted, it was a tall order, and we haven't had any snowfalls this winter that have fallen into that category. 

To give reference to my request, way back when I was in high school, I remember taking a walk to clear my head in just such a snowfall. I walked over by the tennis courts where I spent my summers (my happy place), just a few blocks from home. No wind, just me and the snow, big fat, furry flakes falling all around me, deadening the sounds of the world. Considering I still remember that evening, that walk, I think it's safe to say the experience had a profoundly calming effect on me. Hence my desire to recreate it.

As I write this, we are expecting just such a snow, and I'm inspired by the pictures I've seen. I can't remember the last time I built a snowman, but this seems like the right time to go out and take advantage of the opportunity. Addendum: The snow came the following morning, so no night time strolls.

And here's my snowman.

When was the last time you built a snowman?


  1. I grew up in Los Angeles, moved to Florida, so no snow people for me. Now I'm in Colorado, and we get plenty of snow, but it's not usually the "snowperson" type. Maybe in spring, when it's wetter. I'm content to watch from my window, and don't mind walking in it (although I don't know how much walking I'd do if we didn't have a dog who loves to get out, no matter the weather.)

    1. Born and raised here in the heartland, but the snow we got was only borderline snowman-able. Hence just the little guy.