Wednesday, February 3, 2021

So many ideas...

I'm in the final prep for the next Hillendale novel. The story is written, the preliminary editorial passes are done. I have a date with the editor, after which I expect two more editorial passes before it goes out for public consumption. I'm pretty excited! I like the way this one turned out. So while I'm waiting for my editor to tell me what I did wrong (I'm feeling optimistic about this one, that she won't have a ton of comments), I'm looking ahead to what comes next. Which brings me to the title of this blog post. So Many Ideas!

February is a month for romance, what with Valentines Day. And I'm thinking it's a good month to say thank you to my readers. As such, I'm giving away books on my blog this month, but it'll cost your opinion. Doesn't sound too difficult, does it?

This week's question is What Series Do You Want To See More Of? I have SO MANY IDEAS!

1.    Northwest Suburbs. Take me back to small town life in Hoffman Grove. Romance/romantic suspense

2.    Epitaph. I've run out of siblings, but what about "the next generation?" Amy's gift will likely pass on to at least one of her children, after all. Romance, with a ghost story thrown in.

3.    Hillendale. You're going to find things have changed in Hillendale with the new book coming next month! But never fear. The magic lives on. Witchy fantasy.

4.    It's time for something new. More of the romance you've come to expect, or more of the paranormal elements you love, or another mix of the two. 

Leave your comments here or on the Facebook post from this blog.

And in exchange for your help, I have UNCORRECTED Advance Reading Copies of INTERRUPTED MAGIC (Hillendale 4) for three random commenters* who want to read it. (Uncorrected simply means this isn't the final copy, not that it is riddled with typos, etc., although I can't guaranteed there aren't any since there are at least two more editing passes to go). If you request a copy, I hope you'll also leave a review after it goes on sale! Oh, wait. That's two requests I'm making! So here's your second gift from me. A first look at the new cover!

*random commenters will be selected on Saturday, Feb 6, 2021.


  1. Great cover. I'm at the "what next" phase, too. Stick with my Mapleton series while it's fresh in my mind, or go back to Blackthorne. Or there's a cowboy in the DDD Ranch series who hasn't had his chance at love... for you, I think I'd like to revisit Hoffman Grove. It's been a while. (And I'm partial to mysteries!)

  2. Hoffman Grove for sure.