Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Books and birdseed

I got a bird feeder for Mother's Day this year. My very first one! We have lots of birds in the neighborhood, but not a convenient place to watch them in our yard. Or at least not one that the Big Guy is on board with using. (We have a lovely deck, but he's very protective of it.) So we went out and bought a shepherd's hook and planted it outside one of the windows. Now, I'm altering my normal patterns and sitting by that window more often so I can watch. It's a hummingbird feeder, and yes, I've seen several! They're hardly there long enough to take a picture (hence the window panes).

The Big Guy and I took a walk through a public garden last week (one that I adapted for THE GARDEN) and found a hummingbird there! It was a fairly windy day and as we walked under the grape arbor, we saw this little thing clinging to one of the branches on the top, letting the breeze do all the flying. The little guy never let go, never flew away.  

As I was contemplating what to write in my blog this week, I got to thinking about how readers can be like birds. Certain birds are drawn to certain feeders (like hummingbirds) the way readers are drawn to certain genres. And then there are those who flit from one feeder to the next in search of something they like, sometimes staying to enjoy the feast, and others taking a bite and moving on, or perhaps coming back at another time to try another taste as they flit by.

For all the "birds" who have stopped by my "bird feeder," thank you for sampling what I have to offer, and I hope you'll keep coming back. I'll try to make sure the birdseed stays fresh. 😁


  1. We have seed feeders up year-round, but during hummingbird season, we add 2 for them. One's right outside my office window. They have their routines, and they're buzzing in wait if I don't get out their early enough to suit them. (We have to bring them inside at night because of things like bears and raccoons.) Once the catmint and Russian sage bloom, they hummingbirds will busy themselves there as well, which gives the Hubster a view from his office window. Seeing the first hummingbird is special.