Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Editors and deadlines

A funny thing happened on the way to finishing the fifth Hillendale novel. My editor's schedule filled up, so the release date was going to be later this year. I decided to adjust my writing schedule accordingly. Well, sort of. I always write on a schedule, but with new babies arriving over the next two months, I wasn't going to rush myself. As quickly as I'd decided to slow the pace, she found an opening. Now I'm on deadline!

I've been working with my editor for... I think this might be 18 books now? A bunch of years tied into that. I first started working with her when I wrote LIVING CANVAS.  I'm grateful when she's able to squeeze me into a tight schedule, and part of that comes from her trusting the quality of work she'll get from me (or so she says) and the fact she likes my books (or so she says). I feel very fortunate to have found her. People will tell you when you sign with an agent or an editor that they need to be your advocate, which means you should be "work" friends. I definitely feel that with my editor, and from the very first sample of my work when she pointed out things to work on (and I immediately fixed them), she told me she was impressed that I not only took the notes, but applied them. She's there to make my work better, and I appreciate that. 

So now I'm on deadline. I'm nearly finished with the first draft of Hillendale 5 (as yet untitled), but with my timetable moved up, I need to not only finish it, but make sure it's editor-ready (or at least close!). 

Anyone want to suggest a title? Here's the deal. Brynn got her happily ever after in Hillendale 4: INTERRUPTED MAGIC, and moved away, but Madeleine bought Brynn's house. Seems the people of Hillendale sort of like having a witch around. Madeleine's magic is a little different than Brynn's, including a gift for the power of suggestion. Madeleine has a history as a psychic detective, but a recent incident left her "gun shy." She dips her toes back into the water with a "not really missing" person and sees that investigation through, but the case that scared her off isn't closed yet, and the bad guy is looking for her.

I'm thinking "Forget Me Not" (for a variety of reasons) but not sure that sounds witchy enough. It might work with a witchy cover, though. What do you think? Any alternate ideas? If I choose your title, I'll give you credit in the book and gift you a copy of the finished book!

PS: Don't know who Madeleine is? You can meet her in INTERRUPTED MAGIC!


  1. I'm terrible with titles, but I think you need to keep the series brand in mind. All your others are two-word titles and have a connection to magic.

  2. Psychic Sleuth
    Psychic Power
    Witchy Ways