Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Writing Romance in the MeToo Era

I have to say the headlines, especially in the last couple of weeks, have impacted me quite a bit, to the point where I questioned the wisdom of trying to write romance in a fractured world. I've heard several other romance writers express the same frustration, the same crippling sense of helplessness in a world of male entitlement that makes bringing two people together a challenge. I want to share with you what one of my friends told me, something that has helped me move forward. She put it so eloquently, I had to share.

"In contemporary books with strong female characters like yours, it's important to give women hope and an escape from the news... Imagine how sad our world would be if women gave up on the hope of a beautiful romance in their lives.  Your last book ... showed a woman surviving what so many women go through and coming out stronger on the other side with the help of a man who truly loves her. There will always be ups and downs in every romance, be it fictional or true life, but ... I think it's important to write those stories. I hate to see a woman's choice become all or nothing."
 Thanks, Jennifer. Me Too.